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          Greetings, my beloved brothers, sisters, and (old law parole eligible) friends in the family of God. Blessing be always upon you by the Blood of Jesus, the crucified Risen Lamb of God.​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            By way of qualifying myself, I am Elder R. D. McSwain. I believe by reason of our groans, prayer and cries, I have been chosen by the ONLY TRUE LIVING GOD, our heavenly Father to act on account of the cruel and inhumane bondage (protracted imprisonment) you've long suffered in this Virginia Prison System. God has remembered His covenant made with Fathers, Abraham, Issac, and Jacob and; I believe God has come down this day, for such a time as this, to deliver the saints and friends (with all that believe) from behind prison wall barriers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
​                                                                  My endless prayer, is that this open invitation (vision) transcends both time, space, religious preferences and methodology, as it circulates to every born-again friend (child) of God in the Commonwealth, as well as those incarcerated within it's correctional institutions, even throughout this temporal world.  In the same breath, you and I must yield totally to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ like never before, as we behold the Salvation of the Living God, work wittingly in this current ordained mission.

                                                                 Some of you, if not all of you, have tried everything to get from behind prison walls.  But, you that have become born again servants of the Lord Jesus Christ, no longer ask, nor are we begging this seemingly satanic force ( this world system) to let us out.  Many of you have served your time;  your debt to society has been paid in full.  God has heard your prayers and is going to deliver you Right Now! Say right now! Hallelujah!! You ( the old timers in general) have fought in the courts, the politicians, and only God knows who else, attempting to impress upon them to obey their devised laws.  Still, they turned a deaf ear, neither have they acknowledged our plea for mercy, forgiveness, fairness, and /or justice.

          We have had rally after rally;  we have supported many public officials and so have many of our family members, yet, we hear only their ( those in authority) silence.  God says for us to stand still, get out of the way, for He has sent (his servant) me, with His Sword to combat their coveteousness, out of step practices, on your behalf.  This movement is for the old timers that entered the system prior to 1995.  For example:  The GCT or GCA System.  If God be for us, who can stand against us?  That is correct, No-one.  In the mighty name of Jesus, we must go to work! If (We) stand in the gap for God, He will show the world, even Virginia, that He is  God and still in charge.

          I need every born again individual of God, in the  name of Jesus, to cast away your fear, lift up your voice, for I will go in the Risen merits of Jesus, the God of this army of Israel, whom the oppressive giants in the Commonwealth have defied (The TRUTH).  Your patience is also requested.  Still our voice must be heard across this State.  To do this, your support is required to access the Air-Ways (radio stations) nationwide, but, primarily, throughout the State.  You alone understand your circumstances.  Your support may be getting your family involved, or someone else you trust; or perhaps, your fervent prayers.  You must decide whether or not you will contribute gifts or offer other resources.

          Old timers under the old parole law(s) GCT/GCA System(s), you have been notified that our voice will be heard.  When your voice is heard on the level God is willing to carry us, people will be impacted;  yes, politicians will also give attendance.  This work will be inundated with the Living Word of God.  It will be through teaching and highlighting error.  Plus, by means of dialogue with regard to fairness and the ends of justice.  I request your permission to talk about your case(s), interview family members, set up a board of inquiry within and beyond prison perimeters.  God will again reveal their folly.  This is a battle that the Commonwealth of Virginia cannot win.  How can She, for She be found fighting against God Almighty.

          I believe this is my assignment from God on behalf of those that claim to be Christians, and have served their prison sentence above and beyond what the old law under GCT/GCA required.  Please allow me to be very clear.  I have no problem with whosoever desires to be involved with this great movement.  Notwithstanding, know this,- God's Law, Ways, and Instructions must be received and honored by all that have not decided to be committed to Christ.  For one law is for all, even the law of moral behavior which emanates from God.

          January 2012 is the tentative deadline to have this worthy labor up and in the public forum, with the help of God.  We need One Thousand (1,000) supporters (as base).  In addition, there must be a dues/gift system (we all should collectively set the amount for said endeavor).  If you elect to join this movement, notify me a.s.a.p..  Talk this over with your family or whosoever you will, time is of the essence.  You will be forwarded a membership form.  We will employ 21st century technology at our disposal to convey the message, and make our voice (one) heard;  internet, facebook, YouTube, streaming live and website.  God through me is intervening;  therefore, help me recruit 1,000 born again prisoners and ex-prisoners, to launch these five smooth stones from our sling.

          Moreover, where gifts are involved, there must exist accountability with ledgers, accurately maintained.  These files will be readily accessible to members, said catalog will list name, gifts offered, dates entered, etc..  We are still one cause;  let us act accordingly, even in our gifts as in receiving.

          This movement is to manifest the injustice inflicted before and after the fact, against a people.  God is delivering us as I pen this missive.  Moreover, if you can't believe this, then, you probably ought to restrict your support and offer us your prayers.  We understand.

          May God be permitted to bless us abundantly, via the matchless name of Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings.